Square Two Rough Relief Tour Profile Fairway Woods Review


The Tour Profile is a variation on the regular Rough Relief. The profile has been changed slightly – the face is deeper and a copper weight pod has been located at the rear of the head. The regular Rough Relief worked well. This one works even better. The weight pod adds a nice “punch” to ball launching it with less spin and more initial velocity. This club has a more forceful, aggressive feel than did the other.

As with the first, the looks are nothing to rave about, but they are in no way displeasing, either. The neutral gray head has a square-ish, slightly upside down shape to it. Its size is moderately large and its face-depth is mid-profiled – not shallow. The Square Two “Power Shaft” is no-nonsense black, as is the Velvet-style grip.

Tom Lehman, Hal Sutton, Darren Clarke – they are not flashy, certainly not beautiful – just strong, solid, dependable players that come through when the pressure is on. Anyone would want them on their team. That’s the kind of golf club the Rough Relief Tour Profile is. It gets the job done whenever asked.

The feel and look at address is aggressively reassuring. This is the kind of wood that makes a golfer want to rip through thick rough. It’s a tool, not a work of art. At impact, the feel is solid and punchy – a good feel. This wood has a heavy, substantial feel; not a light, vibrant one as have many new woods.

Trajectories have been on the high side. It is best to think of this Square Two as a ‘strong 4-wood’ as opposed to a 3-wood. Most new, light 3-woods have lowered weight distributions and generally run from 15 to 13 degrees. In fact, all of the Tour Profile’s specs are more 4 than 5-wood.

In head to head testing with our beloved 17 degree Cleveland Quadpro, the Rough Relief actually flew a little higher. Its lower amount of roll had it coming in for slightly shorter distances. Importantly though, it was as consistent as our trustworthy, long-hitting Cleveland.

  • Square Two Rough Relief Tour Profile
  • 16 degree 3 wood, Square Two graphite, stiff
  • Length 42 1/2”, Swingweight D4-, Overall weight 358gr
  • LH Available

The Square Two can be worked adequately, but the head structure prefers to go straight. Trajectories were arched high with just a trace of a climbing ‘tour” trajectory. The Rough Relief gets the ball up better than do most lower-lofted 3-woods thanks not only to the 16 degrees, but to two brass weights located in the sole. From a tee, the Rough Relief is a breeze. Distances are reduced by moderate roll, but for an ultra-safe driver alternative, the Square Two is a sound choice.

We have liked the Tour Profile on the range. It has been consistent and easy to hit. On the course, we have liked it even more. It is a dependable wood that remains stable and accurate under duress and under the vagaries of changing swing speeds and tempos. Control has been first-rate. It does not launch the hot, low rockets as do the other 3-woods we have been testing, but it functions as a much better approach wood than do the others. This one has the ability to hold a green with some predictability. We view this Square Two as a powerful 4-wood. We trust it. It is solid, steady and dependable. And, it is pleasant to use.