Ping Anser X Putter – Golf Club Reviews


There are fourteen different versions of the Anser produced by Ping. The Anser X is unique to the line because it is a “face-balanced” putter. When the shaft of the Anser X is suspended upon an index finger, the face runs parallel to the ground and is aimed at the sky.

On the Anser 2F, the toe hangs down about 45 degrees. On the Anser2, it hangs about 65 degrees. They are designed to best accommodate a stroke that is slightly arched inside to out. Being a face-balanced putter, the Anser X is designed for pure pendulum strokes – dead straight back and away. The differences between the new Anser X and the other Anser’s were immediately obvious to us when the putters were used inside the Putting Track, a device we routinely use for stroke analysis. This narrow, aluminum frame is designed to aid in grooving a pure pendulum stroke. It allows only for putting strokes that are almost completely straight on takeaway and follow-through. The putter’s head has only a half of an inch or so to deviate this way or that. If it veers off track, it dings audibly against the frame.

The other Anser’s have been standards against which we often test new putters. We use them often, so it surprised us how much more smoothly the new Anser X functioned inside the frame. The Anser 4 had a noticeable inclination to twist open upon the takeaway and to close after impact. It could be seen as well as felt. The same inclination was present in the 2F, but not to the same degree. This tendency to open and close explains one of the reasons why a couple of our testers had performed so much better with the face-balanced Ping B-60, than with the Anser’s in the past. The slight movement of the putter heads throughout the stroke had been working against their straight back and forth strokes. Both older Anser’s dinged against the aluminum walls of the Putting Track with a decidedly greater frequency than did the Anser X.

  • 35″ Manganese-Bronze
  • Double Bend Shaft
  • No Hosel
  • Swingweight E0.5
  • Overall Weight 490grams

We can’t really “review” the Anser. It is the Queen of Putters. The Anser design is the one that has set the tone of most of putter development for the last the twenty-plus years. Many pros and amateurs still swear by it. We can only describe it: The Anser X is a good, tough-looking putter in its dark, magnesium-bronze finish. The look may be too stark for some. The hosel-free, double-bend shaft gives a slight offset to the head. It is a very nicely balanced putter with a firm feel at impact. There is an excellent sense of balanced control, but this is in no aspect a light, breezy putter. It is heavier feeling than most and has a “deliberate” attitude to its motion.

The head does as it should and stays parallel to the target line throughout the stroke. It has not shined that brightly in our target shooting because our testers do not like the total absence of an alignment lines – but that is a matter of personal preference. This version of the Anser should appeal to quite a few who don’t care for such lines or aids. Among face-balanced putters, we still rate the wide-flanged Ping B-60 as tops for universal ease and appeal, but that is not a knock at Queen Anser. Many do not like wide flanges on a putter and will prefer the Anser X style of head.