Musty Putters – Golf Club Reviews


This unsolicited putter, the Sonia, arrived and immediately started to delight us all with its incredible good looks and ease of use. Let us say at the outset, we became instantly prejudiced in favor of this handsome mallet. We were also relieved when it instantly began performing well on our slick target grid. It jumped right to the top of the pack in comparison shoot outs. We put it against the successful Never Compromise Alpha 2 mallet that possesses a similar visual setup. After six matches, the Never Compromise lost its claim to “alpha” status. Score: 5 to 1 Musty. In subsequent shoot-outs, the Musty has fared very well against other comers also.

Customized Sonia

Aiming the Musty is about as easy as it gets. The visuals of the center insert drive the eye right down the target line. All of us immediately found ourselves making smooth little strokes with attention completely focused on the center dynamic. It functions as a permanent training aid – just accelerate the putter head smoothly along its own declared line. The trick with the Musty seems to be not to think about the putt too much. Its input makes for intuitive putting.

The Sonia

Feel is light and sensitive, but balls leave lively. The raised center of gravity and reduced loft of the Sonia imparts a distinctive roll to the ball. Good putts are rolled beautifully, but mishits can be slippery and can skidder sideways a bit. This was much more apparent on ultra-face target grid than on the course however. The occasional bad hits that occurred on our test grid with harder balls did not occur on real greens with soft, premium balls that compress slightly at impact.

Our on-course putting with the Musty has yielded first-rate results. Distance control was excellent and accuracy, as anticipated, was dead on. Even those not partial to mallets have liked this one. The Sonia is well suited for fast greens. Its light feel and low loft would make it less suited for rough or slow greens.

A second Musty putter, the Wingtip, arrived two weeks after the first. It is a definite eye catcher with the same fine workmanship as is apparent in its sibling, the Sonia. The Wingtip possesses a radical looking design that has intrigued everyone. The blond maple with black laminations that flared out to the rear made for exaggeratedly easy alignment. The feel was noticeably harder with balls coming off of the Wingtip than was the case with the Sonia. Our testers enjoy this version, but its liveliness makes them reluctant to use it on seriously fast greens. On our fast test grid, it was difficult to master pace. The more muted feel of the Sonia was more natural to most of our testers, but the Wingtip had an edge in ease of alignment even over the exceedingly easy to aim Sonia. On slower greens, the Wingtip would have an edge over the Sonia.

The Wingtip

As with the dynamic feeling Railgun putters, the Musty’s, and especially the Wingtip, benefit from the use of soft, premium balls such as the Callaway Rule 35 and wound balatas. The tour-quality balls come off the face with better feel and a sense of positive control. Consistency is greater.

Both putters from Musty are a joy to putt with and a delight to the senses. Everything about them says class – from the design aesthetics to the attractive, leather headcovers. There are few serious golfers in the world who would not appreciate a personalized Musty as a gift. Whether they would use them on-course or on the office carpet, we can’t say. They’ve impressed us all. The more we use them, the more we like them.

The Modern Classic with Faceplate

The Modern Classic, is similar in design to the Sonia, but is made from black, ebony from Africa, blond maple from the Northeast US and has a faceplate of Purple Heart wood from Australia. This putter is even more beautiful than the first two. We suspect that Musty sent it to us as a way to politely let us know that we had erroneously been referring to the Sonia as the Modern Classic for the past month – they are very similar mallets except that the top scallop is notched on the Modern Classic and is gently swaled on the Sonia. This Modern Classic also has a separate, laminated faceplate. We have not yet putted with the new, legitimate Modern Classic. We don’t want to. This thing is far too gorgeous to take outside into the cold, hard, nasty world. If you want to impress a golfer with a gift, order this one. It’s the ultimate office putter for CEO’s.

The Musty’s are available in many head styles and exotic hardwoods. They may be purchased at Personalized logos and engravings are available.