Mizuno T-Zoid Forged Driver – Golf Club Reviews


Mizuno is calling their T-Zoid the most advanced driver ever made. That might not be exactly true, but make no mistake, this is a damn nice driver. It is beautifully sophisticated in both look and feel. The sound at impact is tantalizing and sweet. Fit and finish are superb. Performance is all-around, first class – for its category. Everyone who has picked this up has wanted to use it. There is no doubting its universal, visceral appeal.

This club is for easy swingers; those who are looking for high-level comfort and performance. The designers have aimed it at the Great Big Bertha crowd. Or, as one tester said, “This is a Lexus.” Mizuno makes variations of this club for the slammers and wailers, but we have not taken them for a test drive.

If you are a Mizuno fan you will probably find this driver to be very appealing. Tester number three, a mid-handicapper with a good long game and already a dedicated Mizuno user, repeatedly begged and pleaded with us to sell him this driver. He was uncomfortable leaving the range without it. Waiting two days to have one shipped to him was more than he could endure. After seeing his drives we don’t blame him. Any Senior PGA veteran would kill for the shots it was giving him.

Most of the eight testers that have used the Mizuno were impressed as well, but not quite to the extent of the aforementioned devotee. The shot patterns were high for a 9 degree face with a tendency to favor the right. All thought the balance of the club was exquisite and all enjoyed the sound and feel at impact. It feels just as it looks – solid, well-made, smooth and classy. .

While not a world-beater, this driver has produced distances that have been better than average overall. But, distances were shortened for those that hit to the right. Our Mizuno fan got his best drives ever. His big, smooth, unrushed swing was ideal for this soft T-Zoid. Some, however, have had a tendency to push the Mizuno to the right. Two testers hit their drives too high and too far right to make them want to hit this Mizuno for very long. One slicer had his normal tendency for creating banana balls exaggerated by this driver. Those looking to hit low, draws should try one of other versions offered by Mizuno. Many options are available from Mizuno – from square to open to closed face. A slightly different ‘Tour’ version is also produced.

Another tester, a senior, single-digit handicapper, found that the Mizuno also suited him ideally, providing fine length and good control. He too has a smooth, relaxed swing. On-course playing with the T-Zoid Forged, further endeared him to the club. Under pressure, it remained consistently easy to use. His mistakes generally result in hitting too far left, so the rightward inclinations of the Mizuno helped to keep him in the fairway.

The T-Zoid Forged is a very forgiving driver. The thin Beta-Ti face allows for maximum perimeter weighting. Mishits have gone for good yardage. They have also managed to feel relatively unobjectionable, as well. The Accel-Arc shaft on our test club is on the soft side of the regular range – approaching senior flex. Those who have a tendency to overswing should look to buy a flex firmer than they normally use.

  • Mizuno T-Zoid Forged Titanium
  • Tested – Driver, 9 degrees, graphite, regular, square face
  • Length: 45 1/4″, Swingweight: D3.5, Overall weight: 301g


The Mizuno T-Zoid Forged Titanium is one of classiest and sweetest drivers we have had. It’s a beautiful club that is friendly and forgiving. However, only those that are generally a little too low and too left will want this particular combination. And, on a down note: The beautiful, deep blue finish on the T-Zoid head is susceptible to damage. One tester used an abnormally high tee and accidentally skied the ball. The ball left a horrible, white gash in the finish that could not be removed. This was the worst sky mark we have ever seen. The paint color used is patented by Mizuno and may only be purchased from them.