Golfsmith XPC Tour Steel – Golf Club Reviews


The latest in Golfsmith’s long-running XPC series of components, the Tour Steel’s have proven themselves to our testers to be the best yet. These woods have found some real fans. Mated to the XPC Tour shafts and matching grips, the Tour Steel’s create a great looking package. They have an energetic look that well suits their brisk, snappy feel and lively performance.

One of our veteran, mid-handicapped testers has not used a 3-wood in years, choosing instead to play an old, small-headed 5-wood. For long par 5’s, he would use a driver from the fairway. That changed after one round with the XPC’s. Both the 3 and the 5 have been added to his bag. For length, consistency and ease of use, he has given them his highest rating for fairway woods to date.

Others have appreciated the Tour Steel irons as well. The XPC’s hit a terrific looking “tour” trajectory. The ball leaves hot and lively, climbs to a moderate height and then drops off. These woods feel good in the hands and swing easy. Their action is lively. The hard 450 Alloy steel creates a feel at impact is snappy and crisp, but it is a lightweight feel. Those who prefer a heavier, more solid feel, may not like these Golfsmith’s as much as we have. As with some of our hitters, they will probably prefer the more substantial feel of woods from the likes of Cleveland and Titleist.

As with some other lively woods, the highly-rated Ping i3 , the Tour Steel clubs are a whole lot of fun to hit. Those with moderate to moderately high swing speeds have seen excellent consistency. The XPC’s are far from unforgiving, but another favorite, the Dynacraft Copperhead Cu’s, are softer, friendlier woods that hit higher, more floating trajectories. They have been preferred by those who like to hit soaring trajectories. The XPC’s are noticeably more aggressive in look, feel and performance than the Copperhead’s. Their trajectories are more penetrating.

The XPC, especially in our long-shafted configurations, play more like 2 and 4 woods than 3’s and 5’s. Distances have been long – comparable to the Ping’s. But, with ample lofts of 15 and 19 degrees, the XPC’s if cut to shorter shaft lengths would produce typical distances. Since these Golfsmith’s have an internal hosel, weight-port, their initially light headweight allows for the use of overlength shafts. Our 43 3/4″ 3-wood has produced some very long tee shots.

The matched XPC Tour graphite shafts from Golfsmith are a moderately low-priced shaft. They do not feel or behave that way, however. They are an excellent match to the Tour Steel’s. At 65 grams (69 for stiff) and 3.9 degrees of torque, they have appealed to a wide range of testers. Feel has been vibrant and control has been good. Only very forceful swingers will find it necessary to opt for lower torque shafts.

  • Golfsmith XPC Tour Steel
  • 3&5 wood, XPC Tour graphite, regular flex
  • 3-wd: Length 43 3/4″, Swingweight D1.5, Overall 313gr
  • LH Available


The XPC Tour Steel’s have not been disliked by anyone here. Those who have related to them best have just plain loved them. The medium-low profiles and moderate head sizes make them reasonably good from difficult lies. Added height in the toe helps to make them very useable from the tee. These are dynamic, highly enjoyable woods.

The only complaint that we have is that the blue-gray fill paint used in the soft, wrapped XPC grips started coming out of the grooves very prematurely. That’s a shame. These are nice looking, good feeling grips.